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18th December 2018 
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Information about Holistic Therapies

Indian Head Massage: This is based on an ancient Indian system of medicine known as Ayurveda, which over recent years has become popular in the Western world. It has been adapted to include not only a massage of the head and face, but also includes the shoulders, upper back, upper arms and neck. It is sometimes used in a workplace setting as it may help to relieve stress. The client remains fully clothed and seated throughout and can choose to have the treatment with or without oils.

Ear Candling (Thermal Auricular Therapy): Ear candling is an ancient therapy which can be traced back to many civilisations. The candle itself is a hollow tube made of flax, which has been "marinaded" in herbs, honey and beeswax. I use medical grade candles with in-built safety features. These produce a warm, soothing effect. A lymph-draining facial massage follows the treatment. The client lies comfortably on a couch throughout the treatment.

Reiki: This is an original method of treatment developed by Mikao Usui in Japan in the early 20th Century. Eastern medicine recognises and works with life-force energy which is believed to flow throughout the body via pathways called chakras, meridian lines or nadis. Reiki appears to help rebalance the energy centres in the body and it is believed that the deep sense of relaxation this produces may help to relieve stress and tension that may have accumulated within the body. The client lies comfortably on a couch and there is minimal contact by the therapist.

Hatha Yoga: This is an ancient Indian practice which uses a series of poses, breathing, meditation and relaxation aimed at helping to balance body, mind and spirit. Hatha yoga is a traditional approach. I offer instruction to groups only.